Dear Ms. Regret

Letting you go was the biggest mistake I’ve ever had. The love you gave, I knew right away that I won’t get it from others. It was pure, nothing could replace it. It was massive, maybe almost infinity. But I knew I had lost it and I would not get it anymore from anyone.

How are you today? Do you still feel the sadness and loneliness? Do you still overthink about your future? How is the winter? Or maybe fall? Or summer? Or Spring?

I hope you will always be happy. Something may feel hard, but it is a cycle and you don’t have to worry. People tend to call it a quarter life crisis. It is a period where we are losing grip of ourselves, we lose our confidence, and sometimes we feel useless.

No, you don’t have to worry. It is a cycle that would pass as long as you stand still. It is a cyclone, but it is not strong enough to pull you up from the earth. Believe me, as I’ve experienced it twice!

You told me that you want to be married at the age of 23. Today, you are 25 years old. Congratulations for not be able to fulfill your marriage dream! Maybe you are disappointed, but I hope you know that it is the best choice. Find your dream first, before make it happen with another, right?

I know that I’ve made the worst mistake in my life. Nothing can repair it and my way of life would not allow me to turn back. I would walk ahead and pray for your happiness. But deep inside, I wish that you would catch me up, or even run ahead of me.

So I dont need to turn back. I only have to run and hug you from behind.

Happy 25th birthday, My Queen 🙂



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