The World Inside A Snake – Epilog

Tumini was sitting in a small room with bright lighting and pure white background. She grabbed both of her arms with tremble. The temperature was too low and she felt cold. Yet, her eyes were empty, but her sight was full of despair. She could not find anyone to borrow money from, so she decided to take alternative solution.

“Can I help you, Madam?” suddenly a voice came from behind. A tall, bulky figure walked toward Tumini with a wide smile. He reached a coat hanger behind Tumini , took his coat, and put on the coat right away. Still maintaining his smile, he walked pass Tumini, then sit right in front of her. Once again, he asked: “Can I help you, Madam?”

She did not say anything. Though she had practiced the dialog before, her voice would not come out. Something or someone held the words right before the throat. She made her mind right before entering the room, but now she lost her resolution. Or maybe, she did not really have a courage to betray her boyfriend.

“I must tell him,” she thought. “There’s no way he would not give the certificate. My boyfriend is already same as dead.” She tried to open her mouth, convinced herself that everything would be alright, but the words were in doubt. They coagulate in the middle of the process and did not want to state themselves.

“Take your time,” the man interrupted. “If you need a water to soothe yourself, let me give you one. Tell me if you’re ready,” he said, then he turned on the television on the corner of the room.

Her composure was slowly regained. She started to remember what had been planned before and step by step constructing them into words. There was no way she could find money in the meantime, so she determined to abandon Ramlan. After a long discretion, she made up her mind to get death certificate for her boyfriend from the doctor. Therefore, she may redeem his boyfriend bank account.

“I felt sorry for my boyfriend, but life goes on,” she thought of it, right after rejected by her aunt. “I will surely pay you back in the afterlife.”

“For the love of God!” the man in the white coat suddenly screamed. “What kind of word are we living in?”

Tumini startled, rose her eyebrows because the doctor scream. She looked at the doctor with intense, yet soft anger. The doctor realized her intention and apologized. He told Tumini and showed the television to her.

“What a bizarre world we are living,” he said, while showing the news that was on the TV.

There, she once again lost her words and her jaw was dropped. The news took place in the zoo where her boyfriend was swallowed by Anaconda. Instead of terror that was caused by tragedy, all she could found was apostasy. People stood in a straight line, compliantly waiting for their turn to see the snake.

But when the camera zoomed in, she understood. They were not making line to see the snake, but to be swallowed by it. “God must be crazy,” she murmured. After that, she realized that the news was not telling her about the incident. The headline said: “The World Inside A Snake: A Man Teleported Right After Being Swalloed by A Snake”


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