Don’t You Remember?

No, it is not about Adele’s song. Just a coincidence where my friend asked me that question. He was quite random yesterday and out of the blue gave me a short conversation, enclosed with a rhetoric question.

Don’t you remember (that we talked about something like this)?

“In your opinion, is five years a long time or not?”

“Hmmm. It depends. If you spend five years for boiling water, I think it’s a long time. Why?”

“Nothing. I am just wondering what would happen after today. For me, five years is a short time. Long time ago, my friend told me that in the next ten years he would conquer the world. We have to have a big dream. Don’t ever think whether it would come true or not. The important thing is what would we do.”

Silence enveloped. Maybe what he meant was KFC, McD, Nike, Xiaomi, or anything that has been conquering this world for the past years.

“In the next five years, what would you do?”

This conversation occurred several months before we were dropped out from a school in Mertoyudan, Magelang, Central Java.

I burst into laugh after I read the message. Not because it was funny, instead I was laughing to myself. Talking about future had been a taboo topic since I enrolled to college. My environment made me enjoy the present and I loved it too. However, I should have never forget that human have privilege to time travel – though its limited to the mind.


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