Of Love and Other Demons – An Impression

Of Love and Other Demons – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“He went to the oratory, trying with all his strength to recover the god who had forsaken him, but to no avail, disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses.”

Have just finished reading the book and I will share my impression about the book. Actually this novel is short (160 pages) and you won’t need much time to read it. However, the challenge for reading Gabo masterpiece always lies in the first half of the story.

The book starts off tediously and almost ashen. If you are from communication major, imagine that you are listening to Mr. Wi**** speech in front of the class. No one will pay attention in his lecture and you will try to leave classroom as soon as possible. Except, Gabo’s story isn’t a utter shit, unlike his.

Or if you are not from communication major, just listen toSymphony No. 2 in D major” by Johannes Brahms right from the start until finish. Note this: until the very finish. You would be swayed with the repetition and monotone arrangement, then will shot yourself cause you are swallowed by boredom.

After halfway through the story, I was completely attached to every word written by Gabo. They mesmerized me and I wanted to keep on reading. Honestly, I spent three days to read until halfway, yet finished the second half for two hours straight. If I had to make an analogy, it was like “Bohemian Rhapsody” – start off slowly, mysterious, but getting “dangerous” when the guitar starts playing.

The ending, of course, won’t be a happy ending. I have read four of Gabo’s pieces and all end in tragic tone (though it depends on the reader’s perspective). Turn on your phone, open YouTube, then play “We Found A Love in A Hopeless Place” by Rihanna. I describe the ending as absurd as that song – happy tone song with sorrowful lyric.

Ah, I almost forget to give a short review. Set in the 18th century, it is a story about 12-years-old Sierva María who is bitten by a dog and changes her behaviour. Her father thinks that she is suffering from rabies, but could do nothing. Unexpectedly, he shifts his perspective and believes her to be possessed by a demon. Thus he sends her to a convent where Cayetano Delaura, right hand of a Catholic bishop, meets her and falls in mad love.

Trust me, it is worth reading…



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