The World Inside A Snake X


“What nonsense are you talking about? You talk a lot about planets, stars, and galaxy. I think you experience hallucination. Yeah, I’m sure. You’ve lost your mind and soon yourself. You’ll be perfectly dissolved in the meantime. I wish your girlfriend won’t be here on time,” Rudiman, the owner, continued.

“You’re wrong my friend. Whether my girlfriend comes or not, I don’t really care. I will stay here and only here. There’s no way you’ll abandon heaven for worthless life on earth. If I disappear, it’s not because I am being digested. Instead, I move to another dimension. There’s a wormhole in front of me, no less than a mile, I think.”

Even though I told him the truth, he hit the roof in no time. He said many awful things to me and replied my story caustically. I could feel anger and irk in his tone. But I did not care, I kept talking and telling him what I saw inside the snake’s belly. His pitch was getting higher and louder. Out of the blue, I got an idea to convince him with simple bet.

“How about this, I could convince you that I don’t lost my mind – or even experience hallucination. Ask me anything you want, then I give you logical answer. That way, I could ensure you that I’m completely aware of my surrounding,” assertively, I asked him.

Compliantly, he accepted my proposal and we started to exchange questions. He asked me who I was, where I came from, and every personal information. I gave him the fact and normal answer.  Later, he started to quiz me with mathematics, history, and general science. I answered him with ease. Suddenly, he stopped and everything became quiet.

“Let’s say that you’re not lying. What can I do to stop your girlfriend from slicing my snake? People only care about what they feel, they won’t stop unless they have been satisfied. I too don’t fully believe on what you have said. I just realize that I need to calm myself, therefore I try to listen to you. Don’t misunderstand me. All I care about is my snake.”

As he finished talking, the wormhole was getting nearer and nearer. I think it’s already 100 meters far. “I guess it’s about time,” I murmured. “You will see by yourself that I am not going to be digested by the snake. I, well, am going through the wormhole. There will be no trace of my existence and I would be teleported to another dimension. No process, everything happens instantly.”

The owner burst into laugh and ridiculed my statement. “Then let me join you, I despise this world as much as you,” he said that while laughing. But his laugh suddenly stopped, I couldn’t hear him anymore. And I realized that the wormhole had caught me. I was looping through the mystery, then I was not anywhere.



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