Ten years ago, I considered reading books such as novel, biography, even short-story compilation, as a dull activity. It wasted a lot of time and there were too much words, so I got bored easily when reading a book. My teenage blood was carving for much cooler things. That’s why I chose sport, game, and music as hobbies.

My view was altered when I joined a boarding school. I couldn’t play games at all and playing music was allowed until 6 PM. Therefore, I didn’t have much things to do after sunset. I had to look for another activity to kill the time at night.

Reading was my last resort until one day,  my teacher forced us to review a novel by Iwan Simatupang titled “Kooong!” (I forgot how many ‘o’ it was). It was a thin book and had about 180 pages. Because it was assignment, I couldn’t do anything but read –  and I thought it was easy because there were 180 pages!

My first journey on a book was not that easy. Easily got bored, I ceased to read after seven pages. The book was easy to read, but not easy to understand. Therefore, I needed a month to finish it. Quite long for a short novel, eh? Yet, I fell in love with the novel and read it over and over again, then wrote the best review out of it.

After all, what J.K. Rowling said was true. If you don’t like to read, you haven’t find the right book.


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