The World Inside a Snake II


I gained my voice when my boyfriend was completely swallowed. Immediately, I shrieked with agony. “No, my poor boy! My poor boy! Help him, please!” Yet, no one responded. They stared at the tragedy as if it was a TV show. “It is my boyfriend, please help him!” I shouted to the owner of the snake, but he didn’t listen. He seemed astonished by the moment.

“Slay the snake! Slay the snake! Save my boyfriend!” I pulled the owner collar so he could hear me clearly.

“He made his choice. I have no right to pull him out of where he wanted to be. He did tease the Anaconda. Why did he do it, I wonder?” answered the owner. “If he is lucky, the snake the stomach would burst and would die in no time. You just need to wait.”

“Are you insane? My boyfriend was swallowed before your bare eyes and you don’t care at all?” I cried as I left him. I sought for another help and found the guards beside the arcade. “Sir, would you save my boyfriend?”

“Sorry Madam. It is against the rules. We are not allowed to kill the animals here. Your boyfriend approached the snake by himself, so it might be his fault,” answered one of the guard indifferently – and he was watching the moment since the start.

I continued to shriek with all my power, grabbed some people, and asked them to help. It was no use. Some of them even recorded the incident with their smartphones while chatting around. Did they really think they were in concert?

Once again, I came to the owner of the snake and threatened him. “I will sue you for not saving my boyfriend! Flay the snake, split it open, or go to the jail! It is clearly your fault for not keeping the arcade safe!”

The owner, or Rudiman as he introduced himself before, showed indignation to my threat and looked down on me. “It was clearly his fault for climbing the wall! Couldn’t you see it? I will not let my snake be slayed for a silly youngman. It is my only source of income and it will be for the next ten years!”

I lost my mind and started to curse him. We argued for a long time, but the surroundings just saw the Anaconda without paying attention to us. “Then, let me pay for the snake! How much money do you need? Ten millions!”

“It is not for sale, Goddammit! There is no way you can afford my luxurious life for the next ten years! Both of your kidney still won’t be enough!”

“Then I’ll let the police know about this mad zoo!” I left the owner with anger and wanted to make a report for the police. Even so, a familiar voice was heard and I tried to listen to it. It was Ramlan’s voice. I ran to the left side of the arcade, the nearest one from the snake, and made sure if I was wrong…but I was right.

“Honey! Don’t worry, Honey!” Ramlan murmured.

“Ramlan, my dear, is it really you? So you are still alive!”

“Yes, alive without a scratch. The Transcendent let me slide into this deep dark snake without any damage.”

“Wait for me, my dear! I will look for someone to get you out of there?”

The owner interrupted. “No, you can’t, Miss! As I told you, this is my only source of income and I won’t let you kill it. Let the man took the consequence for what he did!”

“Are you fucking nuts!” I let out the harsh word, finally.

“He is right, honey,” suddenly Ramlan cut in. “The law of economic before anything else.”

“But, my dear, you would die if we let you stay there for another hour.”

“I guess you are right too, but it is not easy to cut open a snake belly in our country. We need to pay for the compensation to the owner and … how much is it? I don’t think that my whole salary is enough to cover up.”

Being swallowed by snake, I thought, had made him dull. He was between life and death, yet still thinking about the money. I closed my mouth for a while, tried to listen what he said from inside the body of the snake.

“Well, I have a brilliant idea,” Ramlan said. “Would you bring me some pieces of paper and write for me?”


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