The World Inside a Snake


It was the brightest day of April. The bright sunshine was accompanied by warm breeze, while there was no cloud at all. Everything seemed perfect and I thought it was a good day for a walk. Such a nice sky, I thought, and it would be a waste if I enjoyed this moment by myself.

So I called my boyfriend, Ramlan, and asked him to have a date with me. He hesitated at first, but accepted my invitation on a second thought. “If you don’t mind, let me decide where to go,” he said. I agreed with his offer and he told me directly that he wanted to visit the zoo. “I already have two tickets from my friend. He told me that the zoo brought a new creature called Anaconda.”

I assumed that he was joking at that time. Of course, it would be senseless to bring Anaconda to my tropical little city. Anaconda was a gigantic snake and it needed a huge, huge space to live. As I knew, the reptile even roamed around Amazon forest, while searching for its prey. It would be cruel to put it in a small cage of this city.

However, when I saw the tickets from my boyfriend, I was sure that he wasn’t lying. The tickets were special invitations for the citizens who had stayed there for more than ten years. “Anaconda’s First Show: Miss It and You’ll Regret” as written on the tickets. No wonder my boyfriend were happy as clown. It was a real entertainment for his kindred, Ophidiologist.

When we arrived at the zoo, the entrance was already packed of people. They were lining for tickets and made the place looked crowded. Before I finished stating my complaint, Ramlan interrupted my words, “Don’t worry. We don’t need to join the commotion. Just walk there and give those tickets to the guards.” He pointed his finger to the side of the zoo. I wasn’t clear, but I thought I saw a small gate behind an oak tree.

We took the shortcut and got into the zoo without walking through the sea of mortals. The invitations really helped us because we could access directly into the Anaconda’s arcade. As we got in, I understood that the zoo itself was still closed. Only five people with invitations who were stood around the Anaconda’s place.

The view, however, didn’t match my expectation. The snake wasn’t as big as in the movies and legend. Instantly, I was uninterested in the snake. It wasn’t that long and only slept in his arcade. No movement, no aggression, it was just lying as if it was already dead. Instantly, the view made me down and my mood changed, even though the weather was still perfect.

My boyfriend, meanwhile, acted in different way. He was mesmerized by the Anaconda and raped the creature with his eyes. “Look at that beauty. How the hell God created this kind of creature! Let me look at it, closer please,” he talked to me, then switched his eyes to the tamer. “Do you mind if I get in?”

“Yes, Sir! I am sorry, but you are not allowed to get in,” a voice answered. The owner of the voice came from behind and showed himself to us. “Rudiman. I am the tamer and the owner of the snake. Nice to meet you,” he said, as he grabbed our hands respectively.

Rather than looked at the snake, I talked to Rudiman about this snake. My curiosity about the snake wasn’t solved yet, so I asked him many questions. How it could get here? What does it eat? How long and how big is it? The tamer answered me with clear and clean tone, without realizing my boredom. We talked a lot and I forgot about my boyfriend’s plea.

Suddenly, someone screamed with agonize.

We sought for the source of the scream and found an old-woman pointed at the Anaconda’s. We switched our vision and what we saw was unforgettable. My boyfriend was already coiled by the Anaconda’s body, yet he smiled. As the snake constricted my boyfriend slowly, all of the spectators were silent. We were petrified as if we were looking into Medusa’s snakes head. I too, was shocked and couldn’t utter any word – as my boyfriend was swallowed completely.



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